What’s your mission?

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Your soul has a special mission. Your soul is supremely conscious of it.

Maya, illusion or forgetfulness, makes you feel that you are finite, weak and helpless. This is not true. You are not the body. You are not the senses. You are not the mind. These are all limited. You are the soul, which is unlimited. Your soul is infinitely powerful. Your soul defies all time and space.

Can you ever realise your soul? Can you be fully conscious of your soul and be one with it? Certainly you can. For, in fact, you are nothing other than the soul. It is your soul that represents the natural state of consciousness. But doubt makes it difficult to realise the soul. Doubt is man’s fruitless struggle in the outer world. Aspiration is the seeker’s fruitful confidence in the inner world. Doubt struggles and struggles. Finally it defeats its own purpose…

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The Artist and Her Studio #art

Every artist needs a place to work. I just recently moved into the space below, 981 square feet in the East Village in San Diego. I’m on the second floor over an architecture school. I can’t tell you how exciting and terrifying this move was and is. For the first time in my artistic life I have ample space to work, show and store my paintings.

710 13th w Paintings - 1Moreover there is adequate ventilation, privacy and ability to control the temperature. These seem like small things, but they are not. Space cost money and quality space costs even more. So this is a huge leap for me…out on my own, trying to make it all work. “Live the dream” as they say. I had no idea how hard it is to live the dream, but it’s my dream and I can’t live any other.


Sensing Sensitivity

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Spanish Moss Mary Gwyn Bowen

Spanish Moss
Mary Gwyn Bowen

“Sensitivity to touch is one of the key distinctions between an artist and a person who is just using paint.” Van Waldron

Is sensitivity a key element in successful art?  Much is written about the senses and sensitivity.  Opinions are all over the board on whether sensitivity matters and whether artists and creative people are more sensitive than others.  Does it take a deeply sensitive person to create the type of art that touches the senses of the audience?  Do viewers instinctively react more forcefully to art created by the more sensitive artist?

One artist describes the feeling of acknowledging this sensitivity.  Vanessa Turner writes, “I have often felt that I was more sensitive than those around me, more affected by my surroundings and the energy of an environment than your average person.”  Artists capture what is missed by so many in the hustle and…

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For the Passionate Valentine – Study for Smoldering #art #valentinesday

Study for Smoldering is an exploration of the nature of desire, especially as it foments to action despite efforts at suppression.


Jill Joy - Study for Smoldering - acrylic on canvas - 12x30" - 2013

Jill Joy – Study for Smoldering – acrylic on canvas – 12×30″ – 2013

Price upon request. Ships in time for Valentine’s Day. Inquiries? Contact Jill
This painting is part of my Consciousness Series, an expression of the unseen worlds of spiritual and emotional energy and their interplay as the individual soul evolves towards a higher state of consciousness.The rising sun icon in my work represents the emergence of the spirit or soul from the sea of ego based desires and attachments toward an illuminated state of unconditional love and forgiveness.

For the Self Reliant Valentine

Valentine’s day…the holiday of hearts and love. I have one here for you. Maybe for you or the one you love. A painting about independence, resilience and self love in the face of disappointment and the challenges life throws at us, teaching us to love ourselves above others so we can truly love others and have relationships that go beyond an exchange of need. How do we ever find true and unconditional love unless we learn to give it to ourselves? The poem below goes with this painting. Interested in purchase? Contact Jill

Jill Joy - Self Love Trumps Heartbreak - mixed media on canvas - 44x44" - 2006 - $2,400 includes shipping in the US

Jill Joy – Self Love Trumps Heartbreak – mixed media on canvas – 44×44″ – 2006 – $2,400 -  includes shipping in the US














I am the sea I’ve been seeking,
An ocean of love so pure.
A body of water to swim in
Endlessly without reaching shore.

I thought it was you and you and you,
But then you were there no more.
I kept thinking I’d find the one
If I knocked on a million doors.

Now I realize it’s just me.
As it has been all along.
A million melodies in the world
Only I can sing my song.

I can swim forever
Swim forever without end.
In the body of water that is me,
I am my own best friend.

Other people will float in my ocean,
Islands of pain and delight.
I am the vastness they reside in
An ocean of clear white light.

(c) Jill Joy



It’s All Love #art

Jill Joy - Its All Love - oil and metal leaf on canvas - 60x48 -2013

Jill Joy – Its All Love – oil and metal leaf on canvas – 60×48″ -2013 – Sold

This painting was inspired by my continued quest to acknowledge love where it exists and to surrender to its power to transform and liberate me. It was painted while I listened to Madness by Muse. While this piece is about human love, it’s also about the aspect of divine love that exists within human love. Divine love – unyielding, unchanging, all powerful.

I grew up fairly emotionally isolated – my father left our family when I was 9 and my mom was a single working mother struggling with alcoholism.

Jill Joy - Studio View - Nov 2013 - "It's All Love" and "No Dark Without The Light" - New Avaialble Work

Jill Joy – Studio View – Nov 2013 – “It’s All Love” and “No Dark Without The Light” – New Work

I learned to be independent but possibly to a fault. Without realizing it I learned to push love away in an effort to protect myself by maintaining my independence. This painting is part of my journey to letting love in when and where it truly exists, not always easy for me to discern.

I lived with this painting for a while in my studio apartment once it was completed. It was an intense experience. I felt like I was in the presence of that demanding, transformative power that Love is. The heavy texture with the metal leaf combined to make the painting a living, breathing, ever-changing experience as the light played across as the sun moved across the sky each day.

It was purchased yesterday by one of my best clients. I was blown away that she could connect with and appreciate such an vital and intense painting. I am grateful it has found an appreciative new home.