A Prayer for Myself

Hail to me

All things bright and beautiful

May I now let go of the past

Enjoy the present

Plan for the future.

May I keep abuse and disregard

Where it belongs

Locked away

Out of my life

May I invite those into my life

Who will cherish me

And take responsibility for themselves

May I honor my creativity

and take appropriate action

to find its place in the world

and mine.

May I love, honor and obey

Myself and my intuition

Admitting where I have committed ill

against myself

and make amends.

May I look for what is right

and fix what is wrong

Trust myself

and glory in the good I have been granted.

May I let the past fade

and recede

knowing it no longer exists

or has power over me

nor any further purpose to serve.

May  I find and make

close friends

an intimate circle to share life’s moments

and discuss its intricacies.

May I heal all physical ailments

Releasing anger and stress

at their root cause

Knowing peace and accepting responsibility

for my actions

May I remember to forgive

Because this world

Does not exist

And I am above harm

and above reproach

Above all may I be kind

and gentle with myself

Forgive my shortcomings

and appreciate my strengths

This I pray on this new day

Mid way in my life

As the door closes on the first half

and opens to the second.

© Jill Joy  www.jilljoy.com


3 thoughts on “A Prayer for Myself

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting. I wrote in as a way to inspire and recalibrate my life and my thinking after letting go of an important relationship that no longer served me. I felt inspired by Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself.


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