WTC 2011 – Ground Zero Poem

I wrote this poem during a recent visit to New York City. I lived in the area when the 9/11 attacks happened and moved to San Diego shortly thereafter. I hadn’t been back near Ground Zero in nearly 10 years. I was shocked by what I saw.

WTC 2011 – Ground Zero

Those gaping holes

At the bottom of that pit

I look down

42 flights up

2,752 souls lost

In the blaze of an instant

A tragedy and a horror

Endless black pools

Any resurrection here?

Redemption or only darkness?

A tragedy tucked away

For 10 years

In the recesses of my mind

I see it now

In full force

A war zone under reconstruction

I am flattened by the sadness

As though my heart were one of those towers

Leveled by the blow

Yet in 3 days I can cope

I stop thinking about those lost lives

I don’t think about the shadow

As I push my way from hotel to office

Office back to hotel

Through the crushing downtown crowds

Past construction fences

I become one of the numb

One of the forgetful

That is how we move on

How we cope

We tuck away our tragedies

Our genocides, our holocausts

Our deaths, our acts of terror

Our losses great and small

We move on and build upwards

Telling ourselves it won’t happen again

Knowing it could

Knowing too we will survive it

Because we have before

Spirit indomitable, forgetful

What choice do we have

But to follow the life force that

Animates our bodies

We keep moving

Taking the joys with the blows

We keep going

Holding gently

Shredded moments of peace

© Jill Joy


5 thoughts on “WTC 2011 – Ground Zero Poem

    • I thought the foundations of the Twin Towers should be closer to the green-roofed buildings and that those green-roofed buildings were farther to the North (or right of the photo). Obviously everything looks so different there now, I could just be mixed up.


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