More About Jill Joy – Artist’s Statement

My work evolves me. I see my consciousness expressed in what comes out of me onto the canvas. I’m able to process and release my emotions. But more than that, the act of painting itself causes me to evolve. I find my place in the world – in the universe. I connect to something greater than myself. For an instant or several minutes or an hour – I am at one, at peace. My mind is quiet and I am connected god and my destiny.



2 thoughts on “More About Jill Joy – Artist’s Statement

  1. I totally relate. You inform the art, but then it also informs you. It teaches you about yourself. You ‘release’ (nicely said) into the art, and then it mirrors back to you, somtimes beyond what you could have ever imagined.

    I really enjoy your paintings and words! 🙂


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