Hi Joanna, As usual you blow me away

Hi Joanna,

As usual you blow me away…both the poignant nature of the letters and the expressed sense of loss and regret we have at letting go of and sometimes disrespecting our own creations as well as the magnitude of the Self Organizing Galaxy undertaking.

I just watched the video and there really aren’t words to express how evocative I found the whole experience: your eloquent articulation of your intent, the size and scope of the project, your ambition, your youth, your beauty; the reverence for the moment you showed in the experience/performance you created. And in the letters: the loss of something magnificent; the sense of anger at betraying oneself at another’s behest; the passage of time; the loss that is inherent in life itself.

It’s almost as though these two posts “The Shroud” and “Self Organizing Galaxy” represent the dualistic nature of life, exaltation of the moment and the creative act and the simple fact that all things, good and bad, must come to pass – Reverence for the moment and acknowledgment of pervasive impermanence.

I salute you as both a human being and an artist of courage.



Joanna Hyde


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