Self Organizing Galaxy by Joanna Hyde

An amazing undertaking by an amazing artist…Joanna Hyde.


Self Organizing Galaxy

The Self Organizing Galaxy was a temporary art exhibit on a lower World Trade Centre building done by Joanna Hyde in 1984. She was a young artist at the time and had just graduated from Cooper Union when she completed the project. It is a relevant and truly amazing piece of Art.  I have watched this video several times and I am in AWE of the dedication, skill and insight of Joanna as an Artist. What an accomplishment this is.

“One Woman’s Effort”
Photograph by: An Anonymous Port Authority Photographer



Self Organizing Galaxy.


3 thoughts on “Self Organizing Galaxy by Joanna Hyde

  1. Reblogged this on Alphabet City and commented:
    I have only once before reblogged an others work. On this September 11, 2015, I thought it appropriate to post this on Alphabet City. You owe it to yourself to become acquainted with this extraordinary story. I invite you to watch the video. The artist is here on WordPress should you care to visit her, at – Peace & Love, May all your loved ones return tonight – Carlos Chagall


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