THE SHROUD by Joanna Hyde


Dear Sir:

This email is coming to you
from an artist in Nova Scotia
who grew up in Rockland County
I graduated from Nyack High School in 1979
and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
from The Cooper Union in 1983
In 1984 I designed and painted
a 10,000 square foot canvas
on the roof of #5 World Trade Center
(at the base of the Twin Towers)
This art project is called Self Organizing Galaxy
and can be viewed under that name
on Youtube

After the creation and exhibit of Self Organizing Galaxy
the canvas (made of Dacron)
was removed from the roof in two pieces
weighing 250lbs. each
stored by The Port Authority of NY&NJ
until I claimed it and
moved out of Valley Cottage in November of 1986
The man I was soon to marry
insisted the two folded-up pieces be thrown away
at the Orangetown Dump.

Could you send me any information
to find out what is entailed in excavating,
if possible,
such large and historic pieces
of art together measuring 100 feet X 100 feet?
Perhaps The Shroud for The World Trade Center?


Hi there,

With all due respect, in reading this message
I had to wonder if it was a joke…
there has been an enormous amount of development around here
since the 1980s.
The Clarkstown Landfill on Rte 303 has been capped
and closed.
The “dumps” in the swamp in W Nyack
are covered by the second largest mall
in the United States.
Unfortunately the prospect of finding your artwork
in my opinion
is precisely



Joanna Hyde
February 2nd   2012   The Hawk
Self Organizing Galaxy




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