Self Love Trumps Heartbreak

Jill Joy – Self Love Trumps Heartbreak – mixed media on canvas – 44×44″

available inquiries

I am the sea

I am the sea I’ve been seeking,

An ocean of love so pure.

A body of water to swim in

Endlessly without reaching shore.


I thought it was you and you and you,

But then you were there no more.

I kept thinking I’d find the one

If I knocked on a million doors.


Now I realize it’s just me.

As it has been all along.

A million melodies in the world

Only I can sing my song.


I can swim forever

Swim forever without end.

In the body of water that is me,

I am my own best friend.


Other people will float in my ocean,

Islands of pain and delight.

I am the vastness they reside in

An ocean of clear white light.


© Jill Joy




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