Today. Settling Down – oil on canvas – 48×72



7 thoughts on “Today. Settling Down – oil on canvas – 48×72

    • Hi Joanna,

      I’m good. I was away last week on a short vacation to a hot springs retreat in Northern California and got a cold that went in to my lungs so I’ve been sick this week. Resting mostly.

      Thanks for your comments about my work. I too believe it’s saleable . Especially perhaps this newest body of work of which “Settling” is the most recent painting. Like many artists I’ve struggled (if that is the right word) to find a singular lasting “voice”. Moving through many aesthetic phases over the 20 years or so I’ve been painting. But this newest vein could be deeper than the others and last longer and so perhaps will be more marketable from a gallery stand point.

      My work reflects my consciousness which has been changing and evolving rapidly over the last 15 years or so. I think perhaps this aesthetic may represent a more lasting level of consciousness. Dare I say peace?

      But we must paint what we must paint otherwise our art just becomes another form of prostituting our souls. So I wait to see if the visions of this work keep coming, which so far they do. Once the body of work is deep enough I’ll try to take it to market again. My efforts in the past with galleries have not been successful. All of the work I’ve sold to date I’ve sold on my own.

      Though this year, if my health cooperates (it’s been poor for the last year) I hope to make some inroads with interior designers. I don’t think they’d be so concerned if I can keep painting in the same aesthetic year after year. And I think some of my earlier work has merit and I would like to see it placed in environments where it can be appreciated by live human beings other than myself and my boyfriend who is a faithful fan.

      How are you?



      • Dear Jill:

        Just now found your letter. Glad you can still paint despite ill health. I’m not painting since “Reconciliation” and EYE AM — I never thought of myself as a painter since art school — only did it there to “learn about paint” so I don’t know if I will make any more. I’ve slowed down on my writing as well. I’m just enjoying my house by the sea, and a new friend or two. Thank you for writing.



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