I Sound Young

Young you say

My writing sounds young.
Yet I am just 4 years shy

of your 50.

Should I take this as a slight?

A statement of my naiveté?

Or my undeveloped nature as a writer

as a poet?

Or should I bask in it as a compliment.

That I have not become jaded

and still sound fresh

and innocent

Despite the waves of pain

That life has crashed against the doors

of my body and mind.

That I still have a naïve belief

In myself and the power of love

To right the wrongs done in this turbulent world

Or at least the ability to transcend them

And know they cannot touch me where I truly live.

That the harshness this world throws at me

Lands like superficial scratches

On young skin that heals quickly.

© Jill Joy 3-23-12


5 thoughts on “I Sound Young

  1. I love the transition between the questions you are asking yourself and the way you arrive at the positive. A beautiful poem


  2. Your smile, your hope, your paintings turn back the clock. I know you carry weight, but you wear it so well everytime I see you – which is rare but always appreciated. All my best to you Jill. Your creative soul remains eternally young at heart!


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