Outside the Lines

Coloring outside the lines

Grieving my lost love

Mourning my lost life

Giving up voluntarily

What doesn’t suit me

Before it is ripped from me

In the quest for Authenticity.


I empower my destiny.



The Field

The wind rustles through the dead stalks,

sun-burnt brown,

standing lonely, close together

in the field desolated by harvest.

Few survive in the late autumn light

mottled green and brown

alive but not healthy.


Time then to turn them under

into the dark brown earth,

crushing the stalks to dust.

Providing food for the soil

while it sits, baked by frost

until spring arrives

and new crops can be planted.

A healthier strain this time,

built on the successes and the failures

of seasons past.


Rooted in new understanding,

they will grow strong and tall,

bearing beautiful, hearty fruit.


© 2008 Jill Joy


Change is twisting me around its little finger.

It’s having its way.

I can pretend I have control,

But really, I have no say.

(c) Jill Joy – Apr 2012

Missing You


 Jill Joy – Missing You – oil on canvas – 36×36 – 2010


My world is blue

Without you.

My skin aches

Time crawls at a slow pace.

There’s not a bit of green

In the vastness to be seen.

A deep dark marine

Washes up over my being.

(c) Jill Joy

jill@jilljoy.com  www.jilljoy.com

Spring by Jill Lurie




Do I have to let this season go?

The flow
Is not of our doing,
And some things ripen
Before we are ready.

Help me build a bridge
To knowing you
Outside your body…
Your light, your laugh.

Find me in the garden
Warm air buzzing,
Faded flowers
Whispering your name.

poem/photo: Jill Lurie


I feel the emptiness in my life.

I feel the wind rush through the cool blue lonely spaces.

I feel the pregnant void.


© Jill Joy 4-16-2012

The Doors of My Heart


The doors of my heart

Blew open



I stand Here

Naked and afraid

Aware of my vulnerability


On the Exhilarating precipice

Between Ecstasy and Annihilation


Alive and Well.


© Jill Joy – circa 2011