I feel the emptiness in my life.

I feel the wind rush through the cool blue lonely spaces.

I feel the pregnant void.


© Jill Joy 4-16-2012


6 thoughts on “Expectation

  1. Dearest Jill Joy:

    I have just written a prayer in my SOG Log Book, (something I have never done before) and so I feel I am with you as I have read your latest post.

    Your Friend,



    • My Log Book is for the Self Organizing Galaxy. The Prayer was for the resolution to the lingering issue(s) of my mother’s heritage on McNutt Island. Are you allowed to tell what you’ve just prayed about?


      • I’m not sure if you are supposed to reveal what you have prayed about. I wasn’t sure I should ask you since prayer is so private. I figured you would answer if you wanted to. But I think it’s OK to share. It’s not like wishing on a birthday cake…or is it? I love that you have a Log Book for the Self Organizing Galaxy. Do you ever think of scanning a page and sharing it on pointsthruprose? Or is it very private? I have dozens of filled composition books I use as journals. I’ve often wondered, what would it be like to start a blog with the earliest one I have, and just keep entering day by day. I feel I’d have to do it anonymously.


  2. Why be anonymous? Especially in this Day And Age. My prayer is already unravelling into something I think I can tolerate. I do not pray often — that much I will say.


    • What do you mean “in this day and age”? The age of tell all? Certainly we all seem to let it all hang out. I don’t know why be anonymous. I guess when I think about my journals they are so severely personal I’m not sure I could be frank with myself if I knew I would post/publish them. That and I don’t know if I’d want all of my acquaintances to know the intimate details of my life. But it looks like I’m about to kick the corporate world and devote myself to my art and maybe I’ll feel freer then. I don’t know. When you live a double life like I have been, you feel the need to dissemble I think, and protect.

      One of the things I have admired about you since I first started seeing your posts is how completely honest you are. I love your courage and rawness.

      Glad your prayer is unraveling as you put it. My life seems to be unraveling I think in response to some unacknowledged prayer I may have been making.


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