Missing You


 Jill Joy – Missing You – oil on canvas – 36×36 – 2010


My world is blue

Without you.

My skin aches

Time crawls at a slow pace.

There’s not a bit of green

In the vastness to be seen.

A deep dark marine

Washes up over my being.

(c) Jill Joy

jill@jilljoy.com  www.jilljoy.com


8 thoughts on “Missing You

      • Dear Jill:

        I just noticed the date of when you did this painting. It is one of my favourites of yours, if not THE favourite.


      • I wonder why you like it so much? It was purchased by the brother of the man I painted it about. The painting now lives in Anchorage Alaska. I think he liked it because it reminded him of the ocean up there where he lives. Blue, grey and stormy.


    • I’m always amazed at how these colors speak to people. I tend to think of this blue grey pallette as almost monochromatic. But ultimately I think it’s so emotional. I wonder how much of our lives we spend in a blue-grey state.


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