Islands (Healing)

Jill Joy – Islands (Healing) – acrylic on canvas – 24×48″ – 2012 (tonight actually)

Hawaii was the scene of my difficult childhood. So I don’t relish it the way most people do. A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed I was in Hawaii at a fancy resort overlooking the ocean, and my brother and sister were there beside me, as was the lover I was breaking up with at the time I had the dream. I was looking out over the ocean and I felt such peace and a sense of relaxation, as though those three people completed my word. I felt the sense of peace most people seem to feel when they go to Hawaii. It was a novel experience for me.

I had a vision of this painting while I was getting a massage last night. It’s my second “Island” painting. The first one was about my father. I didn’t realize the first painting was islands at the time until a friend with Asperger’s pointed it out to me.

I completed this painting after I spoke to my brother recently. We’re so different, he and I. He’s a soldier, I’m an artist. He’s a family man, I’m a loner. But I felt close to him after we spoke. He doesn’t judge me, and I respect him. When I took the dream, together with the vision (now a painting), along with my conversation with him and my sister of late, it made me think that perhaps healing is possible after all.

Those Hawaiian Islands exist in my psyche. Perhaps one day they will no longer be threatening. Perhaps the islands are like memories in a sea of consciousness.


4 thoughts on “Islands (Healing)

  1. This is definitely an “OOOH!” painting — I love the luminescence and the horizontal format. I wish I could see it in reality. I also love the way all your paintings have stories of emotion and realization behind them.


  2. Thanks Joanna. I had to switch over to acrylics for my lungs and I’m not totally comfortable with the medium yet so I was concerned this was not successful. I appreciate your comment.

    I felt last night after I went to bed that maybe the commentary was too revealing. I don’t know. My soul craves expression and sharing but it also requires some degree of privacy. I haven’t found the balance yet.


  3. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy being given this insight into your work. It’s changing the way I understand abstract art, and it’s showing me what lies beneath the layers of paint…an exciting privilege indeed.


  4. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad knowing what lies behind each painting makes it more meaningful. Abstract art is an expression of the invisible world of emotion and spiritual experience so I can understand that having some of the background makes it easier to appreciate fully.


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