Collaboration: Storm by thedawnthaterupts and Jill Joy

This post is a collaboration between thedawnthaterupts (Gayle) and me. I subscribe to the dawnthaterupts and find her poetry resonates with my current experiences, which always seems something of a small miracle. But then isn’t that what art is about? We get to see and now ourselves through someone else’s expression. Recently Gayle posted Storm. I executed a painting of the same name some months ago and it was as though Gayle had put words to my image. I am continually fascinated and excited by the spontaneous collaboration that the community of artist, bloggers and poets on provides me.

Jill Joy, Storm, oil on canvas, 48×72



There is a storm coming,
Can’t you feel it?
The ground shakes with
As your footsteps
Your presence a foundation
For worry,
And your fists tighten and
Clench with
Rugged rhythm.

The rain is coming,
And I am without shelter,
Without a chance for
Blindsided by the
Winds that brought you.

There is a storm coming.
I see the clouds in the distance.


2 thoughts on “Collaboration: Storm by thedawnthaterupts and Jill Joy

    • I was so pleased when I read your poem this morning. I often have poems that go with my art, they come either before or after, usually before. But for “Storm” I had never written one and your poem spoke so beautifully to my experience of the inspiration for this painting.


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