I AM GOOD aka They Mystery of Betrayal

Battered and Broken
I wake up to face the day
Realizing you Lied to me

You did your best
We both did
“We are simply not compatible”

Oh please.

Let’s not let that lie stand.

You are Running
From Yourself and thus Me
From the Greatest Love you will Ever have in a Lifetime.

It’s a tragedy.
And a Mystery.

Your inability to be intimate
To be response – Able
Is no reflection on Me

No point in looking into a Dirty Mirror
To See Myself
The image will never be Clear

So I look Inward
To see who I really Am
And what I see is


© Jill Joy – June 11, 2012

Jill Joy – The Mystery of Betrayal – oil  and gold leaf on canvas – 36×60″ 2011


5 thoughts on “I AM GOOD aka They Mystery of Betrayal

      • It is permanent marker. A big thick sharpie. It took some getting off in the shower. I tried writing on my right first w/ my left dominant hand. But it didn’t look right. So I re did it, writing w/ my right (non dominant) on my left. It reminded me of how when you write with your non dominant hand you access your inner child. And that’s the level a lot of this is taking place on so it worked.


  1. A very powerful poem Jill. There are many lines that I really like.
    “No point in looking in a Dirty Mirror…” I love this stanza!
    Fantastic Post.

    oh and on a side not, I have a poem that starts with “Battered and Broken”, I had a chuckle when I realized this. I guess we have all been there or will be there at some point.


    • Hi Jackie, Thanks for your comments.

      If you want to send me the poem I’ll post it and link back to your site. I love posting collaborative or related material. I feel like it causes the work to expand into holographic meaning.


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