The Tree of Self Knowledge

In the end
You were the master gardener
Who pulled the remaining roots of
The tree of  “not good enough”
From my heart
With equal parts
Love and betrayal.

Planted by my father.
Without realizing it
You became
The reverse Eve to my Adam

Restoring my sense of divinity
By failing me.

I saw you forsake me
Despite how much you love me
The love of a whole and innocent heart
More than you ever loved anyone else.

So how can I take your betrayal personally
It was you, not me
Who exchanged authenticity for mindless duty
And in so doing lost me

And healed me.

© Jill Joy Apr – 2012 Poem Only

Note about Photo: Attribution unknown. I got this off the web. If anyone knows who the copyright belongs to please let me know and I will give it proper credit.


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