Love and Betrayal

Jill Joy - Love and Betrayal - mixed media on canvas - 48x72" 2007 $4,300 US

Jill Joy – Love and Betrayal – mixed media on canvas – 48×72″ 2007 $4,300 US

I painted this painting several years ago, it’s called Love and Betrayal. An alternate title could be “Human Love”. At the same time I painted this I painted another called “Divine Love” about something more constant, more lasting perhaps. But when we love each other, truly love each other, I think we are tapping into something of the divine. If you notice across the top is the word “transcendence” that traverses the words love and betrayal. Painting this was my way of transcending both the pleasure and the pain.

The words at the top are by Rumi, about the agony of lovers, how they burn with the fire of their passion and how it leaves a trace – “The wailing of broken hearts is the doorway to God”. The poems below are mine written, on the right, about the ecstasy of falling in love and, on the left, the agony of having it end redeemed by self love. Not the love necessarily, but the relationship.

It’s mixed media on canvas, acrylic paint and oil based markers.



2 thoughts on “Love and Betrayal

    • Thanks Jackie…I painted this in 2007 about one of the great loves of my life. He returned recently and the relationship ended again. But this last time it was transformed. I seem to have been able to transcend blame this time…and ongoing hurt…two subjects you and I have been talking about recently. So it’s been kind of magical as the pain has lifted. We remain good friends. Hard to say what the future will bring. I hope you are well. – Jill


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