Jill Joy - Doorway - oil on canvas - 72x48" - 2006

Jill Joy – Doorway – oil on canvas – 72×48″ – 2006 $1,750 US

In early 2006 I quit my day job and took some time off to paint. During the same period, I met a new man who I sensed would be important to me. I’d been married and divorced by this time in my life, and experienced the pain of losing the person I had loved most.

It took a huge leap of faith to give myself over to new love and the possibility of being hurt again. And also to quit work and open to the unknown. During the time I had off I painted until 2 and 3 am.

Jill Joy – Doorway – 72×48″ – oil on canvas – 2006

I knew from my previous experience that this would not be the “perfect” relationship, it would have issues and flaws, but I could tell that the relationship would be beautiful. I’ve come to realize that that which is meaningful is beautiful. I was painting late one night and my work took a totally new course as I was thinking about this new person. I painted “Doorway” which symbolized how I saw this new relationship. This became the first painting in the series “Life’s Not Perfect (but it’s beautiful)”.

It takes a lot of courage to walk through a new doorway in life. If you wait for the perfect moment, job, relationship or the perfect time to do what you love, it will never come. You have to follow your heart and seize the opportunities that you sense will be meaningful. The series that evolved from this piece explores the idea that even though life can be frustrating and disappointing sometimes, it can also be incredibly beautiful and poignant.


2 thoughts on “Doorway

    • Thanks Jackie. I’ve always like the fact that this painting is multi layered and heavily textured. As though we are always creating and re-creating new doors. The trick is to enjoy it maybe and grieve and release the closing door.


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