Studio Shot 9/25/12


Working alot in red black and white these days.


5 thoughts on “Studio Shot 9/25/12

  1. I generally use these colors when I am processing emotion. Usually painful emotions, grief, sorrow, loss, anger, sadness. But the thing about red, black and white is that they are also colors of power. There is such power in emotions. I think they create the clearing for us to evolve our consciousness if we allow them and release them and don’t store them. Like energy…it needs to move to create change or else it creates stagnation and illness (mental, physical, spiritual). I appreciate that you keep commenting. I appreciate the dialogue.


  2. I believe we, humanity, is already in the process of global reconciliation of opposites — primarily with males and females,”rich & poor”, East and West, Young and Old, racial and religious tensions, the sun and moon, day and night, sleep and wakefulness, and any symbolism which arises from these few features just mentioned. There are a lot more opposites to be reconciled. “Illness” and “Health” is another one. Many of these features are recognized ONLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN OPPOSITE.

    The cry of alarm is in the shedding of blood — the colour of blood red stops us like nothing else. The cry of alarm, primarily to me, is in the aborted foetus and the blood that women bleed after-ward.


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