Energy & Consciousness

The best works of art express the complexity of the human condition with an eye to transcendence. I work in two distinct styles which represent the dual aspect of the human condition.

My Energy Series is about the personal, individual struggle of dealing with loss, change and aspiration. Emotions are energy which must be allowed to move in order for us to transcend them. These paintings are intense, active and filled with a sense of that energy in motion.

Jill Joy - Dissolution - oil on canvas - 60x72" - $2,600 USD

Jill Joy – Dissolution – oil on canvas – 60×72″ – $2,600 USD

My Consciousness Series is about the end state or our “true” state – the sense of peace and place that comes when we are aligned with who we truly are, often after traversing a traumatic or difficult time and coming out on the other side. These paintings are about universal consciousness, and the individual’s place in that consciousness.

Jill Joy - Grey Skies - oil on canvas - 48x60" $1,750

Jill Joy – Grey Skies – oil on canvas – 48×60″ $1,750

There is an ongoing interplay in my life of clearing emotional energy to achieve a more profound and peaceful state of consciousness. As a result, I find myself alternating between these two forms of expression. I find myself wondering and perhaps expecting that at some point they will intersect.


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