Thwarted Desire #art

Jill Joy - Thwarted Desire - oil on canvas - 48x48" - 2013

Jill Joy – Thwarted Desire – oil on canvas – 48×48″ – 2013

What can I say about this painting? I can say a lot but sometimes I wonder, how much should I say and when is it best just to let people have their own experience? If you want to know some of my experience in painting this and then posting it, read on.

So many of you know the story of my muse, a long time on again off again lover, who inspires many of my paintings. He’s currently on again, but when I started this painting we were off. But I’m posting it now, not out of thwarted desire for him (the original inspiration) but out of thwarted desire for a lost artistic and financial opportunity; something that was dear to me and occupied my thoughts for many months and about which I had great hopes and expectations. Not too different from what I bring to my love relationships (for better or worse).

What I find so interesting about this is how a painting speaks to a “universal” experience. I am discovering this in the microcosm of myself. I painted it about one situation dear to my heart, that situation is remedied for the moment. But a subsequent loss re-triggered my identification with the painting, which is why I’m posting it now, many many months after I started and finished it. As an artist, this helps me to understand how my work can be relevant to others. When a painting or a poem captures the energy, the emotion of an experience, the circumstances don’t really matter and the viewer is free to project themselves, their life and their feelings on the image.


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