The Artist and Her Studio #art

Every artist needs a place to work. I just recently moved into the space below, 981 square feet in the East Village in San Diego. I’m on the second floor over an architecture school. I can’t tell you how exciting and terrifying this move was and is. For the first time in my artistic life I have ample space to work, show and store my paintings.

710 13th w Paintings - 1Moreover there is adequate ventilation, privacy and ability to control the temperature. These seem like small things, but they are not. Space cost money and quality space costs even more. So this is a huge leap for me…out on my own, trying to make it all work. “Live the dream” as they say. I had no idea how hard it is to live the dream, but it’s my dream and I can’t live any other.



5 thoughts on “The Artist and Her Studio #art

      • Thank you Jill. It’s been a prosperous change this far. Multiple sales, shows and ongoing adventures as an artist. Best wishes to you as well.


      • Glad you have had such good success since your move. I kind of hit a wall after my move. I’m back to work but lack some sort of umph I had before. It could just be “trying to become a professional artist” fatigue. So I’m trying to give myself some rest and stop marketing for a while and just follow the muse.


      • Yes thats a hard huddle to get over sometimes I find it best at least for me to paint for fun, wake at 2am and out in some music and simply enjoy the paint


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