Revolution Evolution

It occurred to me today that we are as a country entering a time of revolution. And it’s likely to impact the rest of the world. Hopefully this will be a non-violent revolution but certainly akin to the 1960s when the collective consciousness took a gigantic leap not albeit without some struggle and sacrifice.


Jill Joy - She's Come Undone - oil on canvas - 60x72"

Breakdown leads to break through when it’s handled consciously. It is now up to us as individuals to decide how we’re going to fight the current regime of fear and division. The deprivation of the freedom of one is the deprivation of the freedom of all. Make no mistake we are all connected. And if we allow limitations on the freedoms of Muslims, gays, immigrants or other vulnerable populations further incursion into freedom will occur even in groups that think themselves invulnerable.


Do You Love Me - oil on canvas - 60x48"

How will you fight? And what will you do to insure a better future? We now have the opportunity to use this time of division and struggle to catapult our nation and our Collective Consciousness further than it was before this reality TV star came to power.