Jill Joy is an abstract painter living and working in downtown San Diego, California. Finding inspiration in her spiritual development and her mystical perspective on life, Jill’s paintings are at once dynamic, peaceful and luminous. Her work references the sky, the sea and the landscape of her own consciousness, communicating the interrelatedness of all things. Visit www.jilljoy.com for more info and available work.

Jill Joy w Summoning The Heart of Love - ARTSD 2013

Jill Joy w Summoning The Heart of Love – ARTSD 2013

“I paint to develop my consciousness so making art is essentially a spiritual discipline for me. Like life, my work is a balance between the rough and the smooth. I liken universal consciousness to the sky, an infinite backdrop across which the clouds of emotion and thought come and go.” – Jill Joy

Jill graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts University in Massachusetts where she took classes at the Boston Museum School of Art. She lived in New York City, where she absorbed herself in the contemporary art scene, studied at the Art Students League and was mentored by Grace Knowlton, the renowned painter and sculptor. Her life and work are strongly influenced by eastern mysticism.

Following this interest, she immersed herself for two years in the study of yoga and yogic principles in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. She was a graphic design software entrepreneur and then worked as a corporate global market researcher in advertising development before devoting herself full-time to making art.  For the last 9 years she has lived in San Diego and is strongly influenced by the ocean and the natural elements of the coastal desert.


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