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Jill Joy’s Consciousness Series is inspired by her intense life long quest for spiritual development and evolution. This work is an expression of the unseen worlds of spiritual and emotional energy and their interplay as the individual soul evolves towards a higher state of consciousness. Contact

Jill Joy - Studio View - Nov 2013 - "It's All Love" and "No Dark Without The Light" - New Avaialble Work

Jill Joy – Studio View – Nov 2013 – “It’s All Love” (Sold)  and  “No Dark Without The Light” – Available

Using techniques she developed with oil paint and special mediums, she creates luminous surfaces that change with the light as the sky changes with the trajectory of the sun. Her work references the sky and sea as metaphors for universal consciousness within which the individual soul experiences and evolves.

Jill Joy  -No Dark Without The Light - oil on canvas - 48x60 -2013 - Available

Jill Joy -No Dark Without The Light – oil on canvas – 48×60 -2013 – Available

“I look up into the open blue expanse and I feel the sky and the sea. It becomes part of me. My feelings like the clouds against the clear blue vastness. Scudding like clouds or waves across the backdrop of infinite consciousness.”

Jill lives and works in downtown San Diego, California.  Contact

“I paint to develop my consciousness so making art is essentially a spiritual discipline for me. Like life, my work is a balance between the rough and the smooth. I liken universal consciousness to the sky, an infinite backdrop across which the clouds of emotion and thought come and go. This is the inspiration for my latest series.” – Jill Joy


7 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Jill,

    Your work is gorgeous. I love the natural reference points in pieces such as Wave, Lightning Sky, Transcendent Landscape and Himalayan Peaks. I’m sure you’ll do well in the gallery.

    Kevin Chopp


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