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In addition to being an artist, I am a budding art collector. My fourth purchase of original art just arrived by UPS. I was so excited when I saw the package was from the Lois Lambert Gallery in Los Angeles. Some of you may know I’ve switched to being a full-time artist from corporate marketeer, so I could ill afford, really, to buy a piece of art. But I was cold calling galleries in November and I saw this photograph. It immediately spoke to me and I had to have it.

Tamar Levine - What A Life #5 - Digital Photograph - 1/15 - 2014

Tamar Levine – What A Life #5 – Digital Photograph – 1/15 – 2014

The fall had been a tough time to say the least. My on again off again relationship was off again at the end of the summer, this time permanently I believe. There were other things going on in my life that were difficult, hard choices to move my creative life forward at the expense of material security among other things. Those close to me were experiencing hardship and uncertainty. All of which had me feeling adrift.

When I opened the box I was moved to tears. Because emotionally this photograph is right where I am at. I thought to myself, this is the pure purpose of art, to make us feel. Because when we allow ourselves to feel, we become whole. We heal. It also helped me accept life. This is life after all. We sometimes feel adrift. We are constantly challenged. It never ends. We reach one pinnacle, only to find another calls our name. This photograph and the photographer also made me feel as though I was not alone. It pointed me to our shared humanity. Which is such a gift these days in an isolated world of sole proprietorship, telecommuting and social networking rather than face time.

One of the good things that happened this fall was finding an art gallerist in Florida who really seems to understand my work and what it is about, the drive for conscious evolution and spiritual healing toward enlightenment. The first step to transcending where we are is to acknowledge where we are and to feel.

“I want to encourage people to experience feelings and memories that they have lost touch within the course of their lives. If for one moment in an individual’s day they can step away from the confines of the structure of their life and indulge their eyes and minds in a work of art, perhaps they can reconnect with a part of themselves or of the world that might otherwise be forgotten.” – Jessica Salameh, Wall Street Fine Art, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

That’s what Tamar Levine’s photograph does for me. Like the model, it brings me right beneath the surface of the ocean of my mind and plunges me into feeling. So yes, when buying art we sometimes want it to make us feel good and we sometimes want it to match the wall color or the couch and harmonize our surroundings. But that is not the most powerful purpose and application of art. Helping us drop into the ocean of our subconscious experience is. Thank you Tamar Levine for allowing me to know myself.


Yes you can.


OK. So have you ever noticed how the universe talks to you? I think it does it in a myriad of ways. I’m particularly attuned to it right now probably because I am in transition, taking a leap of faith from corporate Jill to Artist Jill and looking for signs because I need them. I’ll be leaving my corporate job soon, renting my too expensive condo and moving into a tiny flat and relocating my art studio to Glashaus in Barrio Logan in San Diego (aka quasi industrial, sketchy neighborhood).

I was on my way up to Encinitas, CA for an art opening yesterday at this store up there, Bliss 101. I hope to show my ocean paintings up there at some point. After driving that 26 miles North, I would head back down and see my friend Matt Devine’s opening in one of the best galleries in La Jolla, CA. So this was a night of networking and business and supporting a friend.

In the 1/2 hr drive up to Encinitas I was alternately excited and terrified about my new beginning as I am every day alternating about 1,000 times a day. I pulled off the exit and this is what I saw. It was a laugh out loud moment. Could it be the universe chatting with me?

The Thaw

The Thaw

there have been

cold Places

in my heart


chilly Areas

of ice

and Snow

that Froze up

long Ago


your Love

for me

or the Innocence

of mine

for You


has begun a Thaw

© Jill Joy June 2012