Wave #art

Jill Joy - Wave - oil on canvas- 60x72" - 2012

Jill Joy – Wave – oil on canvas- 57×69″ – 2013

A wave.

has crashed through my life

and separated me

from what has tormented me

and sustained me.

I sit here in the silence

in the receding tide


what will become of me

© Jill Joy 2-4-13

Jill Joy - Wave Installation View - oil on canvas- 60x72"

Jill Joy – Wave Installation View – oil on canvas- 67×69″ – 2013


The Color of Heartbreak

Jill Joy – The Color of Heartbreak – oil on canvas – 48×48″ – 2010 – $1,200 USD

Deep in the color of heartbreak now
Wake me please, I beg you
Nicked and bleeding
Red and green
Hidden by the sun

Giving up on you now
Because I have to
One sad blue dream at a time

You opened my heart for me
Loved me through
I try to remember that
While slippery tears release you

If you would meet me halfway
I would take you back
In a broken heartbeat.

© Jill Joy September 11, 2012

Truth or Denial

Your words
The tightness
In your eyes
Your earnestness
Break my heart
As I struggle to believe
What they tell me
Yet deep in my soul
I cannot

Your words
Float out of your mouth
Disturb the air between us
If I believe them
Absorb them
My chest aches
With empty despair

I see you struggling
To believe them too
Strain takes your face
In incredulity
As sound leaves your lips

© Jill Joy July 30, 2012